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What is Tumblr?

wikipedia says “Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website.” (


Tumblr is a free platform to create and publish blogs. It is different from other platforms that is the reason why it is most loved one. Tumblr making fun of blogging and peoples share their interests by connecting. Features these are not liked by people from other blogging platform but most loved in Tumblr is blogging on the go. Some blogging platform releases their apps in the market, but peoples do not interest to use. But peoples have the interest to use the Tumblr app and the web version because it is very easy to use. It looks like the fabulous blog and social bookmarking site because it is microblogging platform.


How Tumblr different from others?

  • Share anything
    Every Tumblr users can share text posts, photos, links, audio, video, chat, and quote. Users can share their interest with all type of media format, so it is unlimited media type to share on the blogging platform
  • Share on the go and share from everywhere.
    Tumblr makes easy to blog at any time and anywhere. It has an excellent mobile app for apple and android devices. Peoples can share the feelings and thoughts on the spot. The device is no matter for blogging with Tumblr. You can share a post on your desktop browser or phone. That is the true example of “Blogging on the go.” This is the most loved one feature on the blogging.
  •  Microblogging
    Nowadays peoples do not want to write (except bloggers) long posts, and they want to simplicity. Tumblr fulfills this. Tumblrs can share small text as a post. Also single image, a single link is known as a post. You can feel like the traditional blogger when you wrote long posts, and you can feel simple blogger when sharing small content.
  • Free
    Tumblr no collects any fee for making and run a blog. Tumblr host your all content for free. A lot of free themes are available in the Tumblr theme garden, so building blog and the website is free it is mean with spending $0 on the market.
  • Easy to use
    No one equal to Tumblr simplicity. You can do anything on Tumblr with fewer steps.
  • High-Quality Themes
    A lot of designers design theme for Tumblr everyday these are very professional, and the themes have a lot of features to design your blog as what you want. Users get these on Tumblr theme garden or from our site which is most popular and reviewed by us.
  • Making the website with unlimited possibilities
    Tumblr is the microblogging platform. But if you use professional Tumblr themes, then you can create an extraordinary website with Tumblr. Tumblr allows you to use a custom domain. Tumblr website themes provide the professional look for your website and let you track your visitor’s stats with google analytics. Some possibilities are., SEO friendly coding for getting visitors from the search engines, showing your projects with portfolio, selling your product online, Earning with ads and getting people immediately with the Tumblr dashboard. Who is giving these for free to make the professional website? But Tumblr gives.

What features Tumblr gives to make your blog professional?

Tumblr gives a lot of features to make easy to build a blog and professional blog. These are related to what themes you are using on your blog. Some best features that are most of the peoples using it on their blog.

  1. Custom Domain
    If you want to use the unique and top-level domain for your blog instead of, then Tumblr give the option to use the custom domain for your blog. You can buy domain everywhere and setup it on blog setting page.
  2. Themes
    There are thousands of free and premium themes to make your blog unique and beautiful. All themes have very professional and well coded so you can get a fantastic blog on Tumblr.
  3. Customization
    Tumblrs can change their blog appearances like font style, font size, font color, blog primary and secondary colors, header and background images, the position of widgets, menu items and more.
  4. Social Sharing and Interconnectivity peoples
    Tumblr allows you connect with twitter and facebook and it is so easy to share all theme post immediately on twitter and facebook from Tumblr. Also, Tumblr has a large number of users. If you have the best amount of followers, then it is easy for getting visitors to your blog.
Is possible to get comments from visitors for my post on Tumblr?

Comments are making blogging fun. Yes! You can use Disqus compatible Tumblr theme and add Disqus short name on your blog then your blog ready to receive comments. Tumblr doesn’t have default commenting system, but you can use third party commenting system like Disqus. Comments are encouraging and what peoples think about your content.

Is Possible to track blog views and users stats?

Google Analytics support themes resolve your doubt, and you can do what all professionals do. Nowadays Google Analytics tool is trusted by millions of bloggers and website owners to get accurate and detailed stats for their blog or website. You can also use this powerful tool to get users to report and track viewers of your Tumblr blog. This powerful tool can help to track your real-time online visitor also.

How can I be selling my products on this platform?

Simple. Just use e-commerce ready themes and build online shopping store and sell your product on Tumblr. Building an online shop is very easy with Tumblr, and the theme designers give detailed documentation to set up an online e-commerce store with Tumblr themes. You can receive money with your favorite online merchant’s services.

I am a serious blogger, and I want to earn money with blogging. Can I do?

Just use ad friendy and Adsense support Tumblr theme. Show ads throughout the themes. Keep blogging and earn money on Tumblr. Do your blogging as passion and earn more money with your passion. That is giving excellent satisfaction, and it is the meaning of life.

I want to get a large number of visitors from search engines. Is themes are search engine compatible?

Tumblr is basically SEO compatible. If you want to more then you can use SEO Ready themes. SEO ready themes coded with search engine friendly and it obeys with Search engines rules, so your blog loved with search engines and your blog with being the SEO compatible. Theme designers give setup documentation for how to set up your blog title and description for Search engines.

Oh god! Tumblr has a large number of themes how can find out the best and suitable theme for my blog?

We did already. We analyze a lot of themes and us hand-picked some best Tumblr themes with separate category and feature wise. Just browse our gallery and get a good theme for you. Before we publish our review, we use the theme on our blog, and we test the theme with a lot of factors. If the theme has ticks for our needs, then we release our review and theme will be placed on our site. So you will get the most popular and best Tumblr themes for your Tumblr blog.